Pro Contre Procrastination

Procrastination truly (let me spare you that cliché, and instead, just simply say that, it) is one fucker!

Here’s the thing, too often, I have procrastinated and thus missed out on great things I guess. I mean, half the time and half the things I procrastinate are things I have some conviction would bring some good in my life, or at least help with my ever growing idleness.

It is sad really. While I can’t confidently say I remember past events of my procrastination serving me cold, what just happened a few minutes ago is worth noting. Allow me to indulge you.

Here is the deal, for the past year or so, I have been trying to accomplish a certain task. Before I mention what it is, let me give you some much needed (I hope) info. A friend and I (on whom I should soon be writing) are trying to start up our own comic gig, animation and manga and possibly games and all that good stuff. My friend is the artist, meaning he draws, while I am, let’s see, hmm… well whatever; I am supposedly the writer (big secret out of the bag)!

Okay enough of that, so like I was saying, I have been trying to accomplish a certain task, and as you might have correctly guessed already, this seemingly daunting task is simply writing a story, a good story at that too. I only just started developing the plot although I had pretty much set out writing before.

Back to procrastination; I don’t have a computer, anymore. My cousin does. However, the task of writing is not something that I can just take like an hour or so and be done with. I need to be able to zone out a bit. I have also found while I seem able to work under pressure, I’d rather not sit behind his computer typing my fingers away, while he went up and about, obviously bored and in need of his baby. I hate it when it’s done to me, so I can understand. Today however was supposed to be different.

He had traveled, and thus, today was definitely my chance to do some much needed writing. Only thing is, I spent the whole day watching a bunch of movies, notwithstanding my brain constantly screaming for me to get to my story.

Its evening now though and my parents got back not too long ago, (I’m not so sure why, but each time my parents return) I just don’t feel like myself anymore. Even when they haven’t asked anything of me, I feel like I’ve been restricted and a bunch of other moods and feelings kick in.

Long story short: I woke up to a free computer, no complications, intended to write, spent the whole day alone at home not writing, but instead watching movies. I keep procrastinating, and just when I decide it’s enough, get a shower, tidy my room ( make that, ensure I can lay on my bed), sit at my desk about to type away, responsibility calls- talk about total buzz kill.

Lesson learnt, don’t fucking procrastinate. It kills initiative and anything can happen. Forget what they say about everything happens for a reason; heck the only reason I can deduce is that I am one lazy person and so are you if you procrastinate too.

I can’t imagine what the world would look like if Bill Gates, Shakespeare, Steve Jobs and all the greats procrastinated. The time is now, I am turning a new leaf, and I pray I stay fresh for a very long time. You should too, join me, it’ll be fun!!! JImage


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