Them Chips Though

What better way to shed off stress than to gobble a few bites down the passageway to your milky way! I am not encouraging anyone to stockpile on those calories though. Snacking is a global phenomenon and don’t we all love it. After all, food is amazing, and I mean really amazing.

Well maybe not always. Say for instance when one eats way too much food, it gets pretty uncomfortable; you feel like there is an anchor about to drop out of your (O_o) a**. Then there’s all those funny noises and of course, the chance of doing like the Greeks and “vomitorium-ing”. Please look healthy, don’t die hungry, that is just … -__-, very lame! None of these would matter though if you were a member of the rare collection of humans with some extraordinary ability from god knows where, gluttons. Yes, G L U T T O N S.

Enough about that and back to snacks, yes snacks. InGhana, eh, make thatAccra, if the umbrella represents the N.D.C. and the elephant, the N.P.P., then snacking put simply= plantain chips. Yup, plantain chips, not regular fried plantains, or the further spiced kelewele, but plantain chips! Now they are to die for, these chips. ( Emm, side note, you can’t use them for poker – just saying).

But not all chips are great. Half the time, they are leftovers from days before, and taste really bad. They lack that crispy, hard-and-soft-at-the-same-time, noisy touch, coupled with the killer aroma, draining away all your bodily fluids, that serves as free advertisement for beverage and ice cream makers, as well as water vendors.

Worse still, you find some the clips used in sealing these adorable crunchibles, often times in your mouth and in the bag. I am so relieved I haven’t heard any news of someone suffering a medical condition because of this.

On rare occasions, they just smell horrid and look very unappealing. Dabbling in a little ecominics [sic] (courtesy Uncle Atta J), the quantity sold by some people are just serious rip offs at 50 ghp. Purchase a bag from Last Chance, Dzorwulu, and you just might go berserk. From an individual perspective, I hate that sometimes you don’t find ripe ones, but their brothers, who I so detest.

Ok, to my Ghanaian people, stop wondering if I’m related to Gyedu Blay Ambolley, who is always singing about food. I am not. Heck, I’m not even Fante ( they have some exquisite women though, I would sing about that).

I simply want to tell you about the best plantain chips joint in Accra, and perhaps the entire nation. It is served hot and on the spot. The aroma just resonates with heavenly bliss. The vendor is all too knee-deep in customer service relations. She is awesome. I dunno her name though.

Oh yeah, you can find “amazing chips” opposite Accra City Campus, just off the Barnes road. Ask any City Campus goers and they will attest to it; it is AWESOME!!!

Even my Accra Polytechnic friend whenever I can, has be buy loads for him to take home. I could go on and on and on and on and…., but I’d rather you found the place yourself, and thus attest to its awesomeness. Either agree, or agree! J

I didn’t waste ( for some reason I felt like writing waist) your time I hope. ~__*

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