My Door Knob Speaks

look,my wardrobe
ward where i store my robes
Shucks,my door broke!
Could be a catalyst for war
Machetes and guns,
AK,no A’s 47
47 is no quantity
Just the quality
Of the killing doled out

What mediocre
We need mercury
To disrupt the magic hold silly things have on us
My door knob broke,
So i’ll jump on someone’s ass
Inevitably,his kids too mine
And my kids same
Then it becomes the policy
Both sides alive for the extermination of the other family
Carry me,carry me
I can’t take any more of this
Sadly I,sadly I,
Am a part of humanity
Things need to be tackled
But second nature has a foothold
Fortified by greed,
Selfishness one of it’s creeds
I’m capitalist,not socialist:
I wanna be free
Socialist,not capitalist,
Progressing collectively
In the divide like the red sea Staff boy,do your thing,and unite me
Help me stay on top of myself like the dead sea
My door knob broke
So I’m ‘be-spoken’[sic]
Vituperation,the emanation
A sense of oppression
Thus rebellion,the manifestation
Clock is ticking
Door knob needs mending
But really though,
Is it worthy of consideration?
Don’t cry over spilled milk
But cry for a door knob?
Fix the damn thing
Don’t spark a new fight lore!!!7th may,2012-1:45am


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