Karma’s Sutra

I’m the flash stick
And U ‘S B da port
So me, they can’t deport
All we do is batter
Simply exports and imports
The juices we enjoy
Like the drain in a sink
I’ll take it all in
Orange crusher in the fruit
My sweep is clean
Grope me tight, fill all my pores
Like these ants, through my walls
We’re bound together
Our hair is a mess
We ignore these combs, and yet we’ll pass the test
The lights are dim, I’ll light you up
With my illuminator, now that livens you up
Lights too bright, turn it down
You suck it all in, you deserve that crown
I’ll eat you alive, but you really won’t die
I’ll take you to heaven, where you’ll feel more alive
Perfect bliss, this must be the hands of Karma
My apogee, our enlightenment
C’mon, with a smile,
Lets chant these sutras.
May 13, 2012
18:55 pm

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