I can’t believe I wrote this. Read for your amusement. The ignorance and ridiculousness in here, epic!

Desperation, um, yeah

Desperation, check

Desperation led to my exasperation

I’m so tired with life, I just wanna

Fucking make it

I got money on my mind

That’s the shit I wanna rake in

I want elevation

To a status

Ma name is a patent


Chronic with the…

Infested with the…

Gimme a billion pills

And I still won’t pop any in

I’m patient with doctor life

I’m forever her patient

Rocket ships and kittens, 69

That’s what I’m hoping

Me and life together

Yeah, that’s the interaction

Life is a bitch, so understand

I’m sexing

I’m a sinner and I aint John

But with evil I’m wrestling

Mr. Mathers spelt that backward

So look, I’ma live

Till my bones break

You can hold it, don’t grieve

Me I aint giving up like an ant, – believe

It’s an atmosphere for miracles

No angels, no Chris


Desperate to get ahead

Brain on the side

Desperate to make amends

Failure you can slide

Down to the bottom

And never ever rise

Gunning for world dominance

That’s the muthafucking  prize

No Hitler-ish mustaches

Them people don’t die!!!

April 07,2012/

6:??-7:18 am



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