Ayo Mama

I’ll put two and two together and make us one
Defy all math rules, because you’re my sun
Blinding as you are, for me the exception
All the love in the world, for you the rendition
What I owe you, a reserve can’t hold
The debt tolls,
Increase taxes, any which ways, the booth will just fold
You’re my chaque chose,
 Sans you I’m naught
That’s why I keep you close
You’re my light, without you, I’m lost
I love you some, I love you all
I love you lacks, I love you is a sore
Announcing: vacancy for competent lexicographer
Help define this feeling, the one warmness, love can decipher
I heart, mind, body and soul you hun-bun
I love you mum
And I know Enyo [it’s good]
Though I know it’s not Enyo [not enough]
22// April // 2012

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